Taking it to the Silver Screen! ‘Right to Act’ at a Premiere Turkish Film Festival

Taking it to the Silver Screen! ‘Right to Act’ at a Premiere Turkish Film Festival

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Our “Right to Act” Campaign will feature in a unique film festival in Turkey’s capital next month. The Ankara Accessible Film Festival, organised by the Puruli Culture & Art, is created by those who believe that everyone should have the right to enjoy cultural life. The organisers rally under the motto “It is Possible to Watch Movies Together”. All films will be made uniquely accessible for persons with disabilities. This includes using audio-description, sign language and detailed subtitles. All Festival venues are accessible for people with mobility-related disabilities and this year, for the first time, the festival will have screenings targeting audience members with autism. Accessibility measures for this group include dimming the lights, turning down the audio and making audience members as comfortable as possible.

The Ankara Accessible Film Festival presents both recent and classical examples from the world and Turkish cinema. The festival is enriched by parallel activities such as workshops and Q&A sessions following some of the screenings. The festival organisers proudly underline that the Opening and Award Ceremonies, as well as the parallel activities are all accompanied by audio description and sign language translation. One of the best parts of this exciting festival is that all screenings and parallel activities are free of charge – which is perhaps the biggest accessibility measure!

PERSON network and our “Right to Act” Campaign will take part in this year’s Festival. Our Turkish partner, RUSİHAK, has produced a short video to emphasise that under international human rights law we are all equal before the law and that this right is enshrined in Article 12 of UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities. ‘Our video is simple,’ states Didem Tekeli, PERSON project coordinator in Turkey,  ‘and aims to capture the attention of the festival audience to tell that persons with disabilities have the right to and should enjoy legal capacity on an equal basis with others in all aspects of life. This video is the first of our campaign videos and will be screened before all of the Festival films.’ You can watch the video here. It’s short and sweet, as they say.

The video also hints at an exciting new Turkish-language website being developed by RUSİHAK to highlight the need for legal capacity law and policy reform in Turkey. More on that later!!

The Ankara Accessible Film Festival takes place between 21st and 26th April 2015. For further information please visit the conference website.



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