Support for the Right to Act in Kosovo

Support for the Right to Act in Kosovo

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Today we have received a guest blog from our partners in Kosovo, the Institute of Sustainability and Development of Youth. ISDY-Kosovo has a long term experience in working with youth and marginalized groups, including people with intellectual and psychosocial disabilities. This blog details the work of an NGO that provides a space for people who have experienced mental health crises. Although the aim of a CRPD-compliant policy would be to move from congregated settings to people with disabilities having the ‘right to ordinary lives’, it must also be acknowledged that Kosovo is facing enormous challenges as a post-conflict nation. That’s why we’re so pleased to read about the support given to our campaign by allies in services that ISDY have identified. The service provides a useful space for people with psychosocial disabilities, writes deputy director of ISDY, Linda Scimitu:

“Klubi Dëshira” is a local NGO in Prishtina-Kosova, established in June 2001. Klubi “Deshira” is day centre for people with mental health problems and intellectual disability, the only one of this kind in all Kosova with 195 members registered; regularly per day 20- 25 members participate. The Club “Dëshira” is a community organization to support people living with serious and persistent mental illness and attempt to reintegrate the world of employment, education, family and friends. It is a meeting place where decision-making is shared; members and staff determine policy and future direction and manage day-to-day activities and work. Members are adult men and women of all ages with different mental problems. Their participation is voluntary and without time restriction, with all services and opportunities provided by members and staff working side by side as colleagues. They work within the clubhouse to promote and achieve their recovery from schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and major depression or other serious and persistent forms of mental illnesses. The objective of the clubhouse is to provide rehabilitation, education and support for employment of people with mental health problems and intellectual disabilities.


In the past period the “Dëshira” Club has undertaken a series of activities in order to achieve the above-mentioned objectives. The activities where: Education program with courses such as: English course/training; Computer course/training; Literature. For a certain group of people who didn’t have the opportunity to access the regular school system in the “Dëshira” Club they get the learning possibilities for basic skills (reading- writing and mathematics). There are group of other activities, too which contribute to improve the position of our beneficiaries like: Peer support group; Pre-employment training; Transitional employment for members; Social skills; Advocacy group; Occupational therapy; Organization the different picnics outside; Home visits (reach–out activity) when some of the members don’t come in clubhouse; Different meeting with public’s Institutions for awareness the rights of people with mental health problems; Training with family members; Participation in sports activities; etc.

In the problem analysis of the project several problems were identified as follow:

  • Persons with mental problems don’t have equal right and equal access to opportunities in society;

  • Negative attitudes of society toward issues that are concern of people with disability;

  • Historically this category of population was excluded from society.”

The support of “Klubi Dëshira” director, Dr. Nysret Shillova, serves as an important commitment for one of the major services in Kosovo.


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