Students of Bosnia-Herzegovina Support the Campaign – They will act !

Students of Bosnia-Herzegovina Support the Campaign – They will act !

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As well as receiving online signatures for our declaration, we have been gathering hundreds of written signatures to support the Right to Act. For many countries, it is the next generation who will see major change by securing human rights for people with disabilities. Young people – with and without disabilities – will grow up together, go to school together, vote together, and all the other things that have heretofore been segregated. That why we were delighted when this group of young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina got behind the Right to Act campaign, as Sabina Cano, Sarajevo-based PERSON Co-ordinator, writes.

Within the PERSON project  was organized a series of information sessions for young students of secondary the primary schools in Sarajevo on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, with particular emphasis on legal capacity.

Prompted by information they received, students of the Second Gymnasium  in Sarajevo decided to join the online campaign. Wishing that all people enjoy equal rights they wanted to send us a message – They will act!

As well as signing of the Declaration of students in Second Gymnasium, their wish is to collect as many signatures from those who understand the problems of people with disabilities who are  deprived of legal capacity.

We undertook the information sessions with the hope that coming generations of young people will live tomorrow without prejudice. They will soon be young professionals and we hope that they affect the equal rights of  people with disability in their role. SUMERO is sending greetings to other campaigners around the world, from Student of Second Gymnasium in Sarajevo with an appeal to other young people to join the campaign and to raise awareness about the rights of people with disabilities everywhere.



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