Running for the Right to Act in Kosovo

Running for the Right to Act in Kosovo

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The weather looked perfect in Pristina. The mini-marathon, which was organized by the Kosovo Autism Organization, was meant to provide a chance to mix the fun of sport with the call for social justice for people with Autism. And there among the crowds were our partners at the Institute for Sustainability and Development of Youth, spreading the word about the Right to Act.

2ISDY attended the run in solidarity with other NGOs focusing on human rights and disability justice. ISDY’s own staff members, Linda Simitciu, Erolina Morina and Nexhat Halimi took part in the marathon. They didn’t just stand at the side but were ran the entire thing!3

ISDY informed National Autism Organization about their participation and promoted the Right to Act campaign amongst the people. There was a wide range of citizens attending the event, including politicians, artists, actors, students, police etc.

ISDY participated with three staff members and distributed the campaign material by talking directly to ordinary Kosovans. They asked for support of the campaign and explained about the project to secure the equal legal standing of all people.

Kosovo has one of the youngest populations in all of Europe. ISDY, as a youth organisation, will be essential to building a country that supports people with disability to stand on equal footing to others. As part of the first phase of the PERSON project, ISDY helped form the first ever national forum of people with disabilities in Kosovo. Under tough conditions – whether running a marathon or campaigning for disability rights – ISDY are making a positive change for the rights of people with disabilities in Kosovo.



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