How a Small Advocacy Organisation is Reshaping Disability Law and Policy in the Czech Republic

How a Small Advocacy Organisation is Reshaping Disability Law and Policy in the Czech Republic

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Today we are excited to feature a guest post from our allies at QUIP, a disability advocacy organisation from the Czech Republic. Their exciting new project – the Black & White Project – provides an innovative resource for promoting the right to act in writes QUIP representative, Milena Johnová.

Project Black & White aims to implement article 12 CRPD in the Czech Republic. It started in 2012 by highlighting the myths connected to substitute decision making in guardianship system based on restriction of legal capacity. At the same time the first draft of a methodology of supported decision making (Guide Book) was created based on the person-centered planning concept. During the first year of the project social workers started by testing the support method in their direct work with people and providing support in decision making.

An important part of the project is strategic litigation. Two lawyers have assisted people to restore their legal capacity by providing consultations or representing them in courts.

After three years of the project we have several significant documents:

Black Book: Based on dozens of testimonies of people with disabilities and their families we demonstrated myths about benefits of restriction of legal capacity and guardianship and provided explanation how the legislation and practice really are.

White Book: Recommendations on how to implement Article 12 at national, regional and local levels. It is based on principles expressed in General Comment No 1 (2014) on Art. 12 of UN CRPD and illustrated on three stories of people with disabilities.

Guide Book: It is a methodology for social workers and other professionals who provide support in decision making and legal acting. It has two parts. The first one displays the best practice on cases where the methodology was used. The second part is more theoretical, and explains principles of the method applied in social work. Combining social work and strategic litigation is very important principle of support for people with disabilities.

Training materials: Both lawyers and social workers collected examples of best practice during the project in a form of presentations and case studies. They are used for training purposes mainly for social workers and judges.

During March 2015 we have started the III. phase of the project. It aims at scaling up the results of the previous part of the project mainly by training professionals, family members and self-advocates in the field of supported decision-making.

The core activities of the project are complemented by testing new mainly legal instruments, an opportunity provided by the new legislation. We will undertake research on a role of natural support for people in Czech Republic and test universal tools for protection in financial and property affairs. We will also build up an Alliance as an overarching and far-reaching instrument which will aim to stimulate debates with a wider audience and discuss the basis for a statutory framework. Finally, we will spread out and promote to concept of supported decision–making to different audience.

This project is implemented by two not-for-profit organizations: Quip and Inclusion Czech Republic.

The project is supported by a grant from the Open Society Foundations.

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