Game of Thrones, Disability Justice and the Right to Act!

Game of Thrones, Disability Justice and the Right to Act!

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Did anyone spot the ‪#‎RightToAct‬ reference last night in Game of Thrones? Well for those of you who are fans of the hit US television show, you might have noticed the character Mance Rayder dropped the line, ‘All I ever wanted was the chance to make my own mistakes.’

This message fits very well with the emphasis in Article 12 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities on ensuring people have the ‘dignity of risk’ to make choices about their own lives, even if others think such decisions are unwise.

We had some words with George R R Martin to make sure this reference happened in the show at the beginning of our campaign. Our sincere thanks to George! This message reached tens of millions of viewers and might be our most successful public relations victory yet!

But seriously, hundreds of thousands of people with disability are denied the freedom to make mistakes. Misguided policies of ‘protection’ keep people from making choices in their lives. Laws override autonomy in the name of safeguarding. People with disabilities should no longer have to give up their freedom to gain protection and support. This doesn’t simply mean not being able to make little day to day decisions, this means being denied the right to self-direct ones entire life. It can mean ‘civic death’ where a person is seen as an object of treatment and care rather than a subject with rights, but also dreams and wishes like anyone else.

So please, sign the Right to Act declaration, share this post, learn more about our campaign. And stay warm, because ‘winter is coming’!!



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