Gaining Support from Key Disabled Peoples Organisations in Kosovo

Gaining Support from Key Disabled Peoples Organisations in Kosovo

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What does it mean to have legal capacity in Kosovo? We are delighted to report that our campaign is now receiving support from leading disability organisations. OPDMK – a Kosovoan disabled people’s organisation for people with physical disabilities – have signed the declaration and sent us a letter of support for our campaign. Reform of legal capacity law and policy in Kosovo is a crucial measure of accessibility for ALL people with disabilities, writes OPDMK CEO, Antigona Sheston.

Being a developing country, Kosovo is struggling to provide equal rights and opportunities for marginalized groups of citizens, including people with disabilities. European Commission Progress Report of 2010 states that little progress can be reported regarding equal rights of people with disabilities and other marginalized groups.

The report also suggests that more attention needs to be given to people with disabilities. This category of the population lives in difficult conditions, characterized by isolation and stigmata, as a consequence of exclusion and discrimination toward them.

Based on a report from the World Health Organization (WHO) around 10 percent of the world population has some kind of disability. The prevalence differs from country to country, but based on this report around 5-7.5 percent of Kosovo’s population has some form of disability. This brings the number of people with disabilities in Kosovo to around 150 thousand.

The OPDMK is organization within focus on human rights furthermore we have close cooperation with ISDY in Kosovo, the lack of acknowledge, and the integration in society for the people with psycho-social and intellectual disability it is the general situation in Kosovo, the article 12 of the Human Right Convention is not respected in Kosovo.

OPMDK as active non-governmental organization in Kosovo we are fully supporting the campaign “I WILL ACT”

With respect                                                                                                              

Antigona Sheston

Executive Director

OPMDK 1 Resmija Rahmani

Ms. Heston signs the Right to Act Declaration


OPDMK is focused on access to public institutions for PWD (People with Disabilities), promoting the rights of PWD, social inclusion, non-discrimination, non-formal education and knowledge development. OPDMK promotes people with disabilities engagement, fulfilling their cultural, educational, and free-time life within the implementation of different projects in various location of Kosovo. In general, the scope of work of OPDMK related to PWD are human rights, cultural activities, health education, non-formal education, voluntarism, exchange, dialogue and integration services, sport activities, psychosocial sessions and treatment, PWD female involvement.



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