Albania’s Historic Move to Give People with Intellectual Disability a Voice

Albania’s Historic Move to Give People with Intellectual Disability a Voice

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Self-advocacy by people with intellectual disabilities is crucial. For a group who so often get overshadowed by others, including sometimes those who support them, the need for people with intellectual disabilities to speak in their own voice is extremely important. That’s why we are so pleased that the first self-advocates group to have ever existed in Albania, has joined us in our #RightToAct campaign.

The group prepared a declaration for institutions and wishes to share it through our campaign here. Watch a video about the group, which was prepared in collaboration with the association “Help Life”. Help Life is an association of parents of children’ with intellectual disabilities. They wanted to support a group of people with intellectual disabilities to break stigma and discrimination with the chance of self-representation.DSC_0013

We met some representatives of the self-advocacy group at the PERSON kick-off meeting in Tirana, earlier this year.

The endorsement of the self-advocacy group, as well as the Help Life association of families and other allies for disability rights, brings us one step closer to achieving disability justice in Albania.



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